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Arizona Founders Shouldn’t Chart Their Course Alone

The life of a founder isn’t easy.

Grit, determination, and resilience are just a few of the traits you need to make it one step beyond your living room. And even after you get a little momentum, waves of challenges lie ahead.

When you’re trying to bring something new to life, you need qualified help from other founders who have gone before you. VentureShip, powered by the Arizona Technology Council, is a connecting point for established and rising Arizona business founders.

Our Values

Lift where we live

We aim to level-up the number of locally-owned companies that provide serious career-oriented employment opportunities and prosperity for ArizonansWe’re determined to carve out our own path and elevate Arizona-based founders who champion our cause.

Persevere where others quit

We’ve cut our teeth on the obstacles that knock a lot of founders off their feet, and we’ve strengthened our resolve because of it.  We show other founders how to rise up, dust off, and push through barriers.

Do it right

We do what we say and say what we mean with respect. We shield founders who’ve proven their mettle from making toxic connections, and we facilitate relationships with healthy, mature, and professional business leaders.

Propel meaningful change

We covet originality, true innovation, and a spirit of exploration in tech. When combined with structured professionalism and the wisdom of mature business leaders, real and meaningful change happens.

Who is VentureShip for?

It’s for founders who are more than CEO of their living rooms.

It’s for founders who are hungry for qualified direction and mentorship.

It’s for founders who have a passion for shaping Arizona’s future.

It’s for founders who have the guts to punch failure in the face when it threatens to knock them out.

You’ve earned the right to grow your ideas beyond the dining room table.

Connect with us to find out how we can help.

You can help shape the future of Arizona tech startups here (eventual donate link here)

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